When Should A Buyer Not Compromise?

When searching for a new home, we help buyers identify what home features are important to them early in the search. We work with our clients to focus their list on the features that are their most important must-haves, features that would be nice-to-have, and features that are must-not-haves, and we continually edit the search criteria as new features are identified throughout the home search.

Creating a personalized search plan with us allows for a more efficient and focused home search. Our goal is to find your perfect home in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of stress.

The following infographic from realtor.com identifies the top three home features that buyers should keep on their must-have list: (1) floor plan, (2) school district, and (3) neighbors. Do you agree with these top three must-haves?

From our experience, we generally recommend not compromising on the following three home features:
(1) home price that fits within a realistic budget calculated with the assistance of the buyer’s lender that includes any additional monthly or yearly fees and costs such as HOA or insurance,
(2) floor plan with a minimum number of bedrooms and bathrooms and a range of square footage, and
(3) commute
 time to work, school, and other activities as well as whether the commute includes freeways, heavy traffic, or undesirable road conditions.

We understand every buyer has their own must-haves, and we have our own too!

Edward’s personal top three must-haves: (1) walkability of the neighborhood including an area to safely run or walk long distances with a baby stroller and dogs, (2) parking for the home owners and their guests, (3) multi-unit property with at least one separate unit that can serve as rental income.

Jennifer’s personal top three must-haves: (1) backyard size ample enough for a large garden and a play space for kids and dogs, (2) short commute time to work, after having experienced a long 1-1.5 hour commute, and (3) fixer-upper home with a reasonable amount of renovations that can be accomplished primarily via DIY projects so that we can add our own stamp on the home.

Have you decided on your top must-haves? What about your nice-to-haves and must-not-haves?


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