Go Bold with a Purple Accent Wall

Have fun and go bold with a purple accent wall! Have you tried an accent wall or “feature wall” in your home? The color combinations are endless, and an accent wall can be solid or a pattern!

Purple Accent Wall – Valspar Purple Royalty with Polar Star

Here, we have a kid’s bedroom with a purple accent wall painted in a flat Valspar Purple Royalty 4009-10 surrounded by light gray walls painted in a flat Valspar Polar Star 4005-1A. Valspar paints can be found at your local Lowe’s.

Be mindful of what color you paint the other walls in your room, as they will interact with the accent wall. In this room, for example, the light gray takes on a beautiful slight lilac tint as the light bounces around the room. White baseboards and crown molding would be a beautiful finishing touch on this room.

What do you think of the bold and royal purple accent wall? Do you dare go bold?

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