Local Guide to San Diego – Parks

San Diego has so many great outdoor activities, and one of our favorites is exploring local parks. We’ve organized the following list of nine parks into those that have great views, are great for kids, or are the best for dogs.

We hope this list of popular parks inspires you to get out and enjoy some fun in the sun with your friends and family!

Great Views

Crown Point ParkLarge grass area next to a beautiful sandy beach, with a wide paved pathway leading from Mission Bay to Mission Beach.  Spend the day using picnic tables, barbecue grills, and fire rings. Located at Crown Point Drive in San Diego.

Ellen Browning Scripps ParkA large picturesque grassy park with gorgeous ocean views. Close to multiple sandy beaches usually full of seals basking in the sun. Be sure to check out La Jolla Cove and the Children’s Pool, or walk along the Coast Walk Trail to La Jolla Shores. Located at 1100 Coast Boulevard in La Jolla.

Point Loma Tide Pools Explore the rocky intertidal zones and tide pools while watching the waves crash on the cliffs at the Southern end of the Cabrillo National Monument Park. Who knows what little creatures you may discover! Late Fall and Winter are the recommended seasons to visit because the tide is low during daylight hours. Requires a small hike along the Coastal Tidepool Trail to get to the tide pools from the parking area, so wear comfortable shoes. We also recommend dressing in layers! May be a small fee to enter Cabrillo National Monument, but there is a lot to see here. Learn about the park’s namesake by visiting Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo’s statue and the Visitor’s Center full of artifacts and exhibits. Enjoy beautiful views of Downtown, with the chance to observe Pacific Gray Whales from December to February! Located at 1800 Cabrillo Memorial Drive in San Diego.

Great For Kids

Waterfront Park Offers a huge children’s play area, interactive splash fountains, and several picnic areas. Bring a bathing suit! Located right next to San Diego Bay at 1600 Pacific Highway in Downtown San Diego.

Silver Terrace Mini Park A great small playground in Mission Valley with a swing set, a little sand pit, and a relatively large lawn. Offers picnic tables and a barbecue. Rarely crowded, especially during weekdays. Located at 5550 Friars Road in San Diego across from the YMCA.

Mission Bay Park Multiple playgrounds, swing sets, and sandy areas for kids to explore. Plenty of grassy areas for picnics and kite flying, and a wide path along the beach perfect for a long stroller ride. Located at 2688 East Mission Bay Drive in San Diego.

Best For Dogs

Fiesta Island Dog Park Our favorite dog park in San Diego, Fiesta Island Dog Park is a completely off-leash park surrounded by Mission Bay on three sides and a fence on the other. Walk along the beaches and let your dog swim in the bay, or stay up higher on the cliff edges and grassy areas. Beautiful bay views, especially at sunset. Located on the southwest end of Fiesta Island at 1750 Fiesta Island Road in San Diego.

Mission Trails Regional Park Part of a gorgeous 5800 acre open space nature preserve with multiple trails for all levels of walking and hiking, and even rock climbing. Dogs are welcome in the park but must be on a leash at all times. Located at 1 Father Junipero Serra Trail in San Diego.

Morely Field Dog Park An open dog park where dogs can enjoy playing off-leash in a partially grass and dirt area. Recommended for dogs that are good with voice commands, as the park is not fenced. The dog park connects to the Florida Canyon Nature Trails for some easy and fun hiking, but requires dogs to be on leash. Located in Balboa Park at 2225 Morely Field Drive in San Diego.

San Diego Events Calendar – March 2018

Check out the fun activities San Diego has to offer this month in our Calendar of Events! Be sure to take advantage of the free museum days listed at the bottom of the second page. What activities will you be doing this month?

San Diego Events Calendar – March 2018
San Diego Events Calendar – March 2018

Dean Team Meet & Greet


Do you have real estate questions? Come stop by our Meet & Greet and chat with us!

The Dean Team Meet & Greet is a casual gathering for you to have your real estate questions answered, chat about your neighborhood’s housing market, meet the team, and enjoy some coffee and donuts!

We’ll have packets of information for sellers and buyers,  print outs of the status of the housing market in San Diego, and sample listing agreements and sample purchase agreements. Learn how to buy a home, or learn how to prepare for selling your home.

If selling or buying residential real estate is new to you, or maybe it’s been a while, stop by and we can answer any questions you have.

Hope to see you there!

Dean Team Meet & Greet

Saturday, February 10, 2018
11am – 1pm. Stop by for a few minutes or stay the whole time.

Pacific Sotheby’s Mission Hills Office
810 West Washington Street
San Diego, CA 92103

We Are Pacific Sotheby’s Agents Of Change


We are incredibly proud to announce that our company has raised over $110,000 in 2017 to fund the building of homes in Tijuana through our Agents of Change Initiative. We believe that homeownership is the foundation that gives people the chance for a better life.

As Pacific Sotheby’s International Realty Agents of Change, the Dean Team has committed to donating a portion of our commission from each closing with the goal to provide housing for families in need who are living in one of the poorest communities in Tijuana.

As we look forward to the new year, we are thankful to be a part of such a great company and strive to donate more money and help build more houses in 2018.

When Should A Buyer Not Compromise?

When searching for a new home, we help buyers identify what home features are important to them early in the search. We work with our clients to focus their list on the features that are their most important must-haves, features that would be nice-to-have, and features that are must-not-haves, and we continually edit the search criteria as new features are identified throughout the home search.

Creating a personalized search plan with us allows for a more efficient and focused home search. Our goal is to find your perfect home in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of stress.

The following infographic from realtor.com identifies the top three home features that buyers should keep on their must-have list: (1) floor plan, (2) school district, and (3) neighbors. Do you agree with these top three must-haves?

From our experience, we generally recommend not compromising on the following three home features:
(1) home price that fits within a realistic budget calculated with the assistance of the buyer’s lender that includes any additional monthly or yearly fees and costs such as HOA or insurance,
(2) floor plan with a minimum number of bedrooms and bathrooms and a range of square footage, and
(3) commute
 time to work, school, and other activities as well as whether the commute includes freeways, heavy traffic, or undesirable road conditions.

We understand every buyer has their own must-haves, and we have our own too!

Edward’s personal top three must-haves: (1) walkability of the neighborhood including an area to safely run or walk long distances with a baby stroller and dogs, (2) parking for the home owners and their guests, (3) multi-unit property with at least one separate unit that can serve as rental income.

Jennifer’s personal top three must-haves: (1) backyard size ample enough for a large garden and a play space for kids and dogs, (2) short commute time to work, after having experienced a long 1-1.5 hour commute, and (3) fixer-upper home with a reasonable amount of renovations that can be accomplished primarily via DIY projects so that we can add our own stamp on the home.

Have you decided on your top must-haves? What about your nice-to-haves and must-not-haves?