Anshuman B.

I had the good fortune of meeting Edward at an open house before I had moved to San Diego. I worked with him for the better part of a year seeing approximately 100 different homes before settling on a house that met all of my pretty demanding list.

I have worked with several real estate agents in the past 10 years, and I can honestly say that Edward is one of hardest working agents and hardest working people I have met. He has meticulous attention to detail and is extraordinarily patient. He was up to the task of taking me out for hours at a time on at least 20 different occasions.  House hunting is not always the most fun task, but throughout I always had a very pleasant experience because of Edward’s patient demeanor. Even when we were looking at our 90th home, never did I feel any pressure. He was able to not only deal with me (I can be very particular and demanding) but also my entire family on several occasions.

Once we decided on a property is when Edward’s experience as a lawyer and his meticulous attention was really an asset. We were dealing with  new construction and he was able to navigate our negotiations with our home builder with ease. He was available at all hours throughout the escrow process and always went above and beyond in order to make the process smooth and stress free. Despite my work schedule being unpredictable, Edward made every effort to accommodate my requests for inspections and appointments with various parties.

Edward was truly an asset in dealing with the lender, the escrow company, and the seller. Nowadays with many discount real estate brokers, I very glad to have Edward as my buyer’s agent. He worked tirelessly for me to ensure that I got my dream home as close to perfect as possible. Not only is he a great real estate agent, he is an all around good guy and now a trusted friend. I cannot recommend him more highly.

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